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Professional Executive and Business Results Coaching

Master Coach Dr. Bill Goodman... " A great coach asks great questions because he knows you already have everything you need within you right now. The best investment is an investment in yourself. "

Dr. Goodman is a Master Life Coach whom was Trained by Master Life Coach and Trainer Robert Martin (Targeted Results International, 949.842.0958) whom trained daily for 16 years with the World’s #1 Life Coach Anthony Robbins.

Dr. Goodman is certified as an Integrated Wellness Coach through the Integrated Wellness Academy in Los Angeles (Rachel Eva, President)

Dr. Goodman is a serial entrepreneur and has held Positions of President, Vice President, Director, Business Lead and Multiple Senior Level Management Positions dating back to 1998.

Former Wish Granter Make-A-Wish NM

Middle School Leader (Sagebrush C.C.)

- “Results Coaching” – My specialty is to assist individuals to maximize their potential, particularly those with Professional and Technical backgrounds. I help you to solve your problems!

- I have been an “Intrepreneur” and “Entrepreneur”, and have held multiple leadership and management positions. I know how to MOTIVATE people inside and outside the organization!

- Dr. Bill Goodman can assist in the Sale of Your Business: I help write the prospectus, contact the potential acquirers (CEO, VP Corporate Development, Senior M&A, etc.), help place the NDA, and help to you to brief and negotiate. Strategy is a big part of this. I also assist with valuation.

-- Leadership Training
-- Eliminate Disempowering Beliefs
-- Expand Your Identity
-- Manage Your Personal Behavioral Patterns
-- Create Results-Focused, Purpose Driven Massive-Action-Plans (RPM's)
-- Improve Mind, Emotional, Phisical, and Spirtiual Body Systems

Empowerment Seminars
(Monthly, Quarterly or Solo Engagements, Off-Sites)

  • How to Manage Employees
  • Management for Success
  • Team Building for Business Success
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • DISC Integration
  • Overcoming the FEAR OF SUCCESS
  • Maximizing Attitudes and Values
  • Transformational Vocabulary and Emotional Management
  •     -For Managers
        -For Parents
        -For Young Adults
  • Successful State Management
  • The Power of Belief
  • The “TRIAD” Process
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC)
  • Powerful Communication
  • Meditation Anytime, Anywhere
  • Modeling> Role Models, Mentors and Mentoring
  • Emotion Clearing Method> Manage Your Emotions or They Will Manage You

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    Phone: 505.400.8169

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