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Are you losing your top engineers to Google, Facebook, Apple, or others? Goodman Technologies LLC (GTL) can help! We are pleased to offer a portfolio of Senior Subject Matter Experts on a part-time to full-time basis to fill your gap requirements. We can provide both on-site and off-site support in many cases. Because of GTL’s low multiplier we are able to offer you outstanding value. We have back reach to Industry Experts, other Small Business Partners, and Academia.

  • Need a Space Systems Architect with over 45 years-experience with ground stations-to-constellation management? We have one.

  • Need Optical Systems Payload Engineers? We have those too.

  • Engineering Design and Analysis? We have several pros.

  • Space Electronics? No problem!

  • Sensors? Covered!

  • HOW CAN YOU BECOME A GTL SME? If you are a senior person that is fully- or semi-retired from an Aerospace career, and want to get back into the game because you find that you still have the passion to make a contribution, have the desire to draw an excellent wage while maintaining your flexibility to enjoy life too, then Dr. Goodman wants to talk to you. Start by sending me your resume or CV.

    Phone: 505.400.8169

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